Need a one hour vacation? Reduce stress, increase circulation and balance your day with a massage. From Light Swedish to Deep Tissue, our therapists will help you to relax, refresh and recharge.


Service Pricing

Full Body (55 Minutes) $75

Full Body Massage- 55 Minutes Traditional Massage Swedish or Deep Tissue (your choice)
Concentrates on neck and scalp, shoulders, back, legs and feet or customized to areas of your choosing.


Partial Body (25 Minutes) $45

Partial Body Massage- 25 Minutes- Traditional neck, shoulders and back massage, choose your pressure.


$45 Reflexology (25 Minutes) $45


Scalp Massage (25 Minutes) $45


Pre Natal Massage (25 Minutes) $80


Ninety Minute Massage $115


Hot Stone Massage (1 Hour) $115

Hot Stone Massage- added warmth and attention to relaxing muscles and soreness along with traditional massage.


Hot Stone Massage (90 Min) $140



LBMT# E2308